A collaboration of senses

At the QO we value the importance of stimulating all senses. Our element of energy is integrated in every aspect of the QO experience. We’ve collaborated with Zenology to create an everlasting QO scent that will enrich your senses.

Zenology strongly believes that we can take care of our self and the planet at the same time. Nourishing mind, body and soul by creating hair, body and hand care products. Zenology uses active ingredients with high quality fragrances to create luxurious and sensible quality lifestyle products. It was a match made in heaven when our paths crossed – a like minded forward thinking brand with a ‘green’mission.

“At Zenology, we create memories with scent” – Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, Founder and Director of Zenology.

Jeroen felt a connection with the QO and was inspired by the building and the concept. Together with perfumer Fredrik Dalman Jeroen started to conceptualize what the embodiment of the QO scent should be.

Our living building – designed to significantly reduce environmental impact – combines nature and the urban surrounding. A greenhouse where we grow as much of our own produce as possible, to serve the different layers of the QO experience housed in a circular building comprised of recycled concrete. To capture this Zenology used different elements of earthy and herbal scents to resemble the reused concrete and the greenhouse.

“It was very impressive to see “the nose” at work and how they translated the QO through a scent” – Inge van Weert, General Manager QO Amsterdam

By bringing the most important elements of the QO together, Zenology created the Clary Sage Collection. Thus creating a scent that lives throughout the QO experience, from toiletries in your room to the scent, that surrounds you in our living building.

Scent is a very important element. It can bring back a feeling and a memory. And at the QO, we want to give you a memorable experience – a special scent memory that continues to live.

You can bring it home and purchase the Clary Sage Collection at the QO or buy it online at Zenology Collections

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