Embody at the QO

Stimulation for the senses in our multidimensional wellbeing studio.



In a beautiful studio on our 20th floor, bathed in natural light, Embody is a holistic approach to mind and body wellbeing, where you can become the happiest, healthiest, and fittest version of yourself.


Our wellbeing studio is a sanctuary created to help you feel good and be well. A place to leave the everyday behind and benefit your life. Whatever that means for you. Whether your aim is improved physical fitness or calmness of mind, we’ll design a bespoke programme to enable you to achieve your own personal goals. It’s an interconnected mind and body experience that’s all about you.


On the 20th floor in a space filled with natural light, our dedicated Wellness Studio is a place to feel good. Whether you want to unwind or revive, push your body or soothe your mind, we can create a bespoke programme tailored to your specific needs. Using the latest fitness trends to bring the outside, in. The unique Embody Method™ philosophy concentrates on achieving wellbeing through physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

Best for your body

Classes at Embody are all about encouraging you to move more, while respecting and loving your body. By fusing Pilates-based training with resistance exercises, we concentrate on the whole body to increase fitness, tone and sculpt. Our signature movement class is Streamline Body Sculpting. It uses a combination of equipment and exercises for all over body strength and shaping.

Best for your mind

Our approach for health wellbeing is one that combines meditation with restorative body exercise such as yoga. It’s about reducing stress and increasing clarity to bring your life back into balance. We’ve developed a signature mind-clearing session to achieve this called Cocoon Meditation. Relax, unwind and unplug in our anti-gravity silk hammocks and experience inner peace.

Naturally nourishing

No holistic approach to mind and body wellbeing would be complete without including a nourishing approach to diet. The right approach to food is a significant focus at Embody. So we offer regular seminars to help you introduce this in your life. It’s an essential part of feeling and looking your best.

The Embody classes

Our classes are a combination of practices designed to work together. Nothing is traditional or boring. Everything is filled with energy to ensure you experience a whole mind and body workout. So the familiar – like yoga, pilates and barre – all come with an Embody twist, while our own signature classes have been specifically developed to exemplify our philosophy. With all of them offering the opportunity for improved wellbeing.