Persijn - Juniper & Kin

The heart and soul of the QO.

Our energising restaurant and bar are the heart and soul of the QO, connecting each experience of the hotel from the ground floor all the way to the rooftop.

The heart of the QO, Persijn is our all-day ground floor eatery built around the pioneering Dutch Cuisine movement. This is a commitment to transparency and circularity, which means we prioritise the local, seasonal and sustainable, work together with our suppliers and community or source straight from our rooftop greenhouse. We know the provenance of all our produce and believe in celebrating it, to bring you the good without taking it from the planet and create meals full of flavour, honesty and originality.

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Juniper & Kin is the QO’s soul, bringing all the inspiring elements of the hotel together. The freshest cocktails – expertly crafted with botanicals picked by the hour from our greenhouse – are combined with creative sharing plates made from seasonal produce. It’s where innovation meets authenticity. Where everyone is welcome. And it’s all surrounded by the stunning 21st floor panoramic views across our beautiful city for a uniquely uplifting experience.

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