The QO, element of energy

There’s an atmosphere that’s elusive.

For many, travel is about finding a balance between inspiration and exertion. For business travelers who have to perform that leaves precious little room for error. While even the most enthusiastic leisure traveler knows that you can go flat out only for so long, before you need to recharge your batteries.

QO | The Element of Energy

Moving beyond eat, sleep, repeat!

So imagine a hotel that’s more than just a place to rest your head. Somewhere that’s been specifically created to counter the weariness. A place where you can revive yourself, in more ways than one.

The QO is a pioneering location in Amsterdam that combines luxury with circular design. Equal parts hotel, urban hub and neighborhood retreat. The QO has been uniquely created to conserve energy – through its sustainable design – and then pass that energy on to you.

A place that’s got ‘it’

Situated in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Amsterdam East, the QO is a magnet for travelers and locals alike. A world-class hotel that offers a range of exhilarating experiences under one sustainable roof: innovative Dutch cuisine at Persijn; and stunning panoramic views, cool music, drinks and fine dining to be found at Juniper & Kin.

The QO captures the energy of the city and transforms it into unexpected and inspiring experience. A vibrant destination where you can recharge for your next wanderlust.  Whether to another continent or just down the road.

Life’s too short for every day energy drains. Which is why at the QO, we make sure you leave with more energy than when you arrived.

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