Preserving the heritage of Persijn

A brief look into history

By bringing in an international audience and combining these with the local colour the QO and Persijn are continuing their heritage of the Lords of Amsterdam.

Once upon a time..

This story started around a thousand years ago when a dam was built in the river Amstel and more people settled along the estuary. During the 13th and 14th century this village gradually developed into an influential international city called Amsterdam. This happened, due to its convenient location near the Zuiderzee, connecting Amsterdam to Scandinavia and Germany, and its waterway routes to Dordrecht (Thuredrech: a main stacking and trade city) and Antwerp in the south.

Persijn – Lords of Amsterdam

In the 13th century, this piece of land belonged to the Persijn family who as lords of Waterland and Marken controlled and regulated the waters around Amsterdam and granted or denied access to ships that intended to enter the city. The family was given the land as a reward for protecting Haarlem during the Siege of Haarlem in 1274.

To this day, the influence of the Persijn family is still visible in the Amsterdam coat of arms. The 3 Andreas crosses originate from the crosses in the coat of arms of the Persijn family.

QO | About the QO

Gateway to the city

Being located in the Amstelkwartier’ right beside the estuary of the river Amstel, the QO brings back the origin of the city. In this day and age QO’s location can still be considered as the gateway to Amsterdam and new opportunities. The Amstelkwartier namely contributes to the future of urban development, since this neighbourhood is a forerunner in the area of sustainable and circular development.

Honoring the history

At the QO we’re proud of being one of the first sustainable lifestyle destinations, where sustainability and circularity is a big part of our identity through our exceptional design. In honour of the history of this unique area on the riverbank of the Amstel we named our restaurant Persijn. The Andreas crosses are an essential part of the brand identity.

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