Dr. Green Thumb

Taste the earth

As we say, worlds come together 21 floors above ground at Juniper &  Kin. Our creators handpick fresh ingredients from our very own greenhouse & from local farms.

Welcome Dr. Green Thumb!

The J&K Creator’s purpose in life

Creating new worlds by surprising people with beauty and creativity and to see new ideas take shape and to see visions realised

Meet our team of creators they love anything unique or unusual. They are attracted to clever innovation and visionary creations. They strive to demonstrate their unconventional thinking, innovation and individuality.

As they tower over the city with clarity and determination, they operate on the cutting edge of their craft and science, with a down to earth feel to it.

They present Dr. Green Thumb for you to savour!



Dr. Green Thumb

The Dr. Green Thumb cocktail celebrates the origin of all natural things: our Dutch soil.

It not only creates the freshest purest ingredients to use, but also ensures the fullest experience of flavors. That’s why we got our main ingredient straight from the soil. Yes, we are talking about the beetroot. To add that local farmers feeling we created an edible dirt, that gives you an enjoyable earthy feeling, whilst sipping on your cocktail.


50 ml | bols barrel aged & 40 ml | juniper & kin beetroot juice & 10 ml | dutch white vermounth & 15 ml | lemon juice & 15 ml | sesame syrup & 1 dash | salt solution

Dr. Green Thumb

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