Intuitive, considered design

Explore how our living building is brought to life.

Housed in a unique and remarkable living building, the QO is a new experience for both travelers and the local community, leading the way for the future of hospitality.

Two different architects brought the QO to life. They worked collaboratively to bridge two distinct lines and create one of Europe’s most sustainable hotels. Mulderblauw was chosen for their specialism in hotel design, while Paul de Ruiter was brought on board thanks to their expertise in sustainable architecture.

To understand how they’ve created a place designed to energise, inspire and delight we sat down with both of the architects. With the main question being what their main thoughts are on weaving luxury with sustainability and how this translated into their work.

QO | Rooms

Sustainable architecture

“There’s a strong connection between the sustainability and the architecture of the QO: they work together so completely that it’s impossible to distinguish what was a sustainability decision and what was an architectural one. We wanted to leave out as many unnecessary parts as we could (for example keeping the elevator cores bare) to limit the use of materials where we didn’t need them. We also had a few ambitions, such as wanting to have as much daylight in the rooms as possible. It’s usual in hotel design to have the corridor end on a room door, but at the QO they end on a window to get as much daylight as possible inside. This is just a small example of these touches that run throughout.”

Robert Mulder, Architect

QO | About the QO

Living building

“Back in 1992 I wrote a PhD on sustainable architecture called ‘Chameleon Skin’, with the idea that the skin of a building should be able to react to the sun like a chameleon. This is where the façade comes from. For 25 years I’ve been developing this idea, and now it’s a reality. A façade like ours has never been done before in the world: it’s incredibly unique. It’s like a living organism – reacting to both the hotel guests and the climate outside. We wanted to go beyond sustainability and make a living building that’s completely self-supporting. That’s why we added a greenhouse. We proved that sustainability can be fun and be part of a luxury lifestyle.”

Paul de Ruiter, Architect

Each aspect of the QO has been designed to significantly reduce environmental impact while also contributing to the atmosphere and energy we want you to experience during your stay. From intelligent windows to our rooftop greenhouse, we’re a remarkable living building, shaped by nature and driven by ingenuity.

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