Go With The Glow Vegan New Years Brunch

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Go With The Glow Vegan New Years Brunch

Food & Drinks

Go With The Glow exists 3 years!

To celebrate this and to kick start everyone’s new years resolutions for 2019, Go with the Glow organizes a festive new years brunch in our Dutch eatery Persijn!
While you enjoy a delicious, plant based, locally sourced and seasonal 4-course menu GWTG will share tips and tricks on how to reduce your ecological footprint with your food consumption. Through an informal presentation, Ayurveda insights will be given on the importance of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients after which a Q&A session will take place to have you leaving without any questions and ready for a sustainable and conscious 2019!

The goal is to give an unforgettable experience and to show, taste and experience how rich and diverse the plant-based cuisine can be. By combining brunch with an educative program you will go home with practical and easy tips for a more sustainable, mindful and healthy life style.

Afterwards you will receive a “7 days Glow Challange e-book” worth €17,50.

PUMPKIN | sorbet x pear
COURGETTE | Nasturtium x hazelnut
BBQ WINTERVEGETABLES | green peas x rye bread
HARICOT | melon x basil

Tickets: €45 via www.tibbaa.com/gowiththeglow