24H Chefs

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

24H Chefs

Food & Drinks

Food: not only is it one of man’s primary necessities of life, food connects people like no other. Yet, there are millions of people worldwide who do not have a meal every day.

Therefore our Executive Sous Chef Tjitze van der Dam is organizing the third edition of 24 Chefs at Juniper & Kin. This 24 hour event starts on Sunday the 17th of February 2019 at exactly 00:00, and is a unique culinary event in the Netherlands. 24 chefs are cooking for charity for 24 hours long.

During this unique cooking marathon, guests can enjoy a 9 course menu that will take place every 3 hours. Every hour, one of the chefs take a place in the kitchen to cook 3 dishes. That means that every 9 course menu will be prepared by 3 different chefs. As well as a delicious dinner, there will also be live entertainment during 24H Chefs. You can reserve a VIP table via www.24h-chefs.com/vip-tafels/

All of the proceeds for this edition will be donated to the Red Cross.

More information and impressions of previous editions can be found at www.24h-chefs.com.