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See the city the way we see it: from a fresh perspective.

Being set-up in a fresh part of Amsterdam, we can provide our guests best of both worlds: discovering local hotspots together with the locals, and enjoying all the famous Amsterdam delights just around the corner. Supercharged with the element of energy you’ll have pizzazz to quench every thirst you might have for the true Amsterdam lifestyle.

Neighborhood hotspots

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Be like the dutch, ride like the dutch

To have an extraordinary experience jump on a bike and be like the Dutch. Immerse in the open, green spaces around Ouderkerk aan de Amstel – an escape from the city without actually leaving – or ride through Amsterdam East and explore our Neighbourhood’s favorites.

We partnered up with Roetz, a sustainable and social enterprise that believes in second chances in their pursue of a circular and inclusive future.  At the Roetz Fair Factory men and women returning to the job market make new bikes from discarded ones.

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Amsterdam has a lot of famous and wonderful attractions. We like to provide you some lesser-known suggestions, for a more surprising experience. So if you’re feeling bold and vigorous, enjoy the following ideas based on happy experiences from locals.

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