Our neighbourhood in Amsterdam East.

Set against the backdrop of the Amstel River, Amstelkwartier is a unique location connecting the city’s past with its future. Rich in genuine Amsterdam spirit, this previously undiscovered spot is the perfect hybrid of country and city, with an influx of engaging initiatives making it the next big neighbourhood in Amsterdam East.


Amstelkwartier is an untapped location rich in authenticity and loved by locals who crave a genuine Dutch experience that hasn’t been altered for tourists.

At the southern end of Amsterdam East – an area home to architectural highlights and some of the best restaurants in the city – we bridge the creative side of Amsterdam with the innovative business district blooming in Zuidas to create an exciting new home for an engaging new community.

Amsterdam East has grown in vibrancy and style over the last five years, and as the sharpest most creative minds of the city continue to be drawn back towards the area, the QO will be at its heart leading the transformation.