What makes us the QO

We’re a visionary lifestyle destination.

Housed in a unique and remarkable living building, the QO is a new experience for both travellers and the local community, leading the way for the future of hospitality.


We believe that travel should be a pleasure. And we’re genuinely committed to the world around us. We want you to live well and feel good, and we want to look after the planet while we make that happen. We don’t think that you need to compromise on luxury to be meaningful; we think it’s crucial they co-exist. So we’ve created a place designed to energise, inspire and delight. Where travellers can feel like locals, and locals can feel at home. A place where you’re free to be who you are; surrounded by people just like you.

The hotel that lives

Each aspect of the QO has been designed to significantly reduce environmental impact while also contributing to the atmosphere and energy we want you to experience during your stay. From intelligent windows to our rooftop greenhouse, we're a remarkable living building, shaped by nature and driven by ingenuity.

Explore how our living building is brought to life

The core of our living building

Housed on our rooftop, the QO greenhouse is a platform for innovation and a living illustration of the principles that run throughout our hotel. It provides produce you’ll taste in Persijn and Juniper & Kin and is the perfect embodiment of what we stand for and our dedication to circularity.

Explore our unique greenhouse

Intuitive, considered design

A beautiful system needs a beautiful home so we’ve partnered with pioneers in their fields to make the QO look as good as it is environmentally mindful. Every element has been deliberately chosen to celebrate and respect the planet’s resources. And every space has been designed to bring the outside, in.

Explore the thinking behind the QO interiors

Our home in Amstelkwartier

Positioned alongside the Amstel River, Amstelkwartier is the authentic Amsterdam. An area steeped in history and heritage – it was once the original gateway to the city – for years it has been sidelined. Now, as it embraces fresh thinking and the future of the city, the QO will be at its heart, leading the transformation.

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What makes QO so QO


A one-of-a-kind hotel needs an extraordinary group of like-minded individuals to bring it to life. Sociable, easy-going and knowledgeable, we love what we do and are committed to the world around us. We like to share a new way of thinking. To change the way we interact with each other so everyone experiences a positive exchange. The QO is a gathering place for like-minded people. We look forward to welcoming you.

Meet the team

Inge van Weert

General Manager,

Pieter Ham

General Manager,
Restaurants & Bars

Alexander Brouwer

Executive Chef

Rick Engeringh

Director of Sales & Marketing

Marlon Roosblad

Marketing Manager

Naomi Bakker

Executive Housekeeper

Domien Laureyns

Guest Experience Manager

Tjitze van der Dam

Executive Sous Chef

Roelof Moltmaker

Head Engineer

Mariska Denkers

Meeting & Events Manager

Anouk den Otter

Assistant Human Resources Manager

Sophie Uijterschout

Program Manager

Arjan Buijs

Director of Finance & Business Support

Madeleine van der Pauw

Assistant Director of Sales

Bart Antonissen

Meeting & Events Executive

Melissa Copra

Meeting & Events Executive

Gabriela Silva - von Stein

Finance Supervisor

Chris Humphreys

Front of House Manager

Lieke Kleijer

PA / Projectcoordinator

Rachel Owusu

Cultural Ambassador

Caroline Seyger

Cluster Manager HR