At the QO we want to inspire you in a new way so you experience a different kind of energy. We’re driven by our belief that travel should be a pleasure while being committed to the world around us. So we’ve seamlessly weaved luxury with sustainability to create a visionary new lifestyle destination.

Why the QO is different

Conscious consumption

By embracing a circular approach to food and drink we offer guests a better, more conscious way to eat. Dutch Cuisine is big on seasonal, local and respectful. It means people leave happy, and the planet is looked after too.

Pieter Ham, General Manager, Restaurants and Bars

A better way to live

The QO is so much more than a hotel. We’re about creating unique and inspiring experiences around eating, drinking, playing, working, meeting, recharging and relaxing. To help you feel good whenever you're here.

Inge van Weert, General Manager, Hotel

A fresh approach

We’ve combined the best of luxury and technology, service and sustainability to make the QO experience what it is. So whether you’re here for business or pleasure you’ll leave feeling energised and inspired.

Rick Engeringh, Director of Sales and Marketing

The hotel that lives

Shaped by nature and driven by ingenuity we’re setting a new standard in responsible hospitality. Each innovative aspect of the QO has been designed to significantly reduce environmental impact and enhance your experience. Read more here about how our intuitive living building makes us one of the most sustainable hotels in Europe.

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